Recent Typhoon Yolanda.

I am very sad to hear that some parts of the Philippines is experiencing such tragic events , it just shocked me because Visayas was the place which got really affected and before this, they experience an earthquake and I just recently heard that they’re going to experience another earthquake, Which is very sad because they have not yet even pass through what had happened and yet another disaster is going to them. I am trying my best to help them and good thing our school has a donation can where I can donate, but most especially PRAYER is the BEST think I can do because we believe that God will help them and as everyone says ” Nothing is impossible to God” May God bless you and the people in the Philippines. AM+DG

Mass of the Holy Rosary.

Today, half of the grade school community celebrated the Mass of the Rosary. This Mass is very special because we prayed for the people around the world. We were assign to wear certain color of clothes like,yellow, green,blue,white etc, to represent the continents of the world. This Mass is helpful, since nowadays we have countries that has war,suffering poverty etc. This Mass is beautiful because we can pray for the needs of the people and everything that this WORLD needs, to make it a better place!

October, Month of the Holy Rosary.

As, we Roman Catholic we all know that October is the month of the most Holy Rosary. In that we are requested to recite the Rosary everyday and to wear the October medal. All of these, is what my school is doing, they told their students to wear the October medal and in my school before every brake time we recite the Rosary, Ex: 1-2 decade for morning, 3 decade before recess, so on and so forth. I am very excited for this month because I get to recite the Rosary, I get to wear the October medal and most especially, I could meditate the life of Jesus through the decades.


Yesterday,September 27 2013, We had our A day celebration for this year.This year’s A day was different from the other a days for me, because this year I am a class officer and the class officers are the ones who are in-charge in planning  the A day. With my fellow officers we planned the A day party. After the A day party, I was feeling happy because in the party things went smoothly (but there’re times when me and my fellow class officers had a hard time but everything seemed okay), the activities were fun, since I saw a lot of people who were laughing  and we only had few problems.I could say that the party went smoothly because when me and my classmates were about to leave,our class adviser told us that this was one of her A day party that she experienced, when it went very organized. So,probably everyone in my class was happy and I hoped that they enjoyed it.

Service Interaction.

Yesterday September 25 2013, I had my service interaction for this year. Base on my experience that day, it was beautiful. I can say that because me and my classmates  went to a place called Tahanan Walang Hagdan, or in English a house without stairs, it’s because the people there were handicapped and they are in wheelchairs. So, that explains why they don’t have stairs. I went there and met a person. Even if she was handicapped, she did not feel ashamed, in fact she was jolly when I interview her. Me and my classmates and our partners had a lot of fun activities, I also got to know how she lived and how she work. It was truly a beautiful experience, I really hope that I could see them again.

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